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Floor Cleaner


MARBLELIFE’s cleaners are unique. Engineered to remove dirt without depositing waxes or oils or doing damage.

MARBLELIFE is the only cleaner solution manufacturer that performs hard surface floor and counter top restoration. This provides us daily access to residential homes where we see actual results of long-term daily use of different cleaners, as we are charged with restoring these surfaces back to like-new condition. When 20% of our restoration work is driven by the use of inappropriate cleaners it becomes apparent how rampant this problem is. When a $10 cleaner can create a $1000 restoration bill, cleaner decisions become financially important.

MARBLELIFE needed to develop a line of true-cleaners. Cleaners that work, and would allow our clients to efficiently clean their floors, showers and counter surfaces without risking damage.

These are the products we use and recommend on a daily basis. If there was something better, we would be using it.

If you are frustrated with the appearance of your surfaces, or are struggling to get them back to “clean,” talk to us. The solution may not be what you think. In cases of cleaner-damage the solution may require a service to restore a cleanable surface, and then a change to a non-damaging cleaner.

We provide the cleaners and solutions you need to properly care for your surfaces. Select your surface and learn more about the specific cleaners your surface requires.