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    VinylGUARD® is a once time only applied, indoor, ‘roll on’ ceramic floor coating that eliminates the need for wax, and offers “anti-slip” performance. VinylGUARD® is most definitely the most durable, most cost effective, most easy to clean, innovative, environmentally responsible indoor floor coating ever developed for vinyl or PVC tile. Developed over 12 years ago the technology is currently protecting millions of square feet of flooring in hospitals, schools, businesses, commercial settings, shopping malls, restaurants, and dance floors throughout the world.


    So why would you want to employ a service that installs VinylGUARD®? Well there’s actually quite a few reasons that VinylGUARD® will benefit you. And when you learn about them, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t known about this option years ago.



    Cost Effective

    Typically, with old wax floors you strip, wax and periodically buff the floors, only to have the floors scratched, yellow and collecting dirt as the first visitors walk across them. Wax is an enormous maintenance headache and financial drain. But, VinylGUARD® breaks this pattern. Once applied, there is absolutely no stripping or buffing. The floor maintains its clean appearance, minimizing your cost and time, while maintaining a clean, hygienic appearance. How often do you find a process that improves appearances, reduces cost and care time, and is less expensive than what you are doing now? This is it: VinylGUARD®.



    By eliminating the old mop and bucket technique, VinylGUARD® has also eliminated a major bacteria and virus transfer agent from one room to another. This is especially relevant within medical environments such as hospices and hospitals as bacteria can be transferred from one patient’s room to the next. If you’re looking for a genuine clean, then VinylGUARD® is your best option to maintaining sanitization.


    Fifty Times Harder Than Polyurethane

    VinylGUARD® Ceramic Coatings are fifty times more durable than polyurethane, wax or acrylic. It will wear down the nails of a dog over time before that same dog would scratch your VinylGUARD® treated floor, as a result of its unique ceramic nanotechnology.

    VinylGUARD® is a three layer composite comprised of a primer, ceramic armor and top-coat shield. This three-step process ensures premium performance without compromise.   The first layer, ‘Primer,’ bonds to the floor. The second layer, ‘Ceramic Armour,’ applies 14 million Microscopic Ceramic Particles per square foot. The third layer, ‘Shield,’ or the top-coat protects the second layer and allows the peaks to provide traction. A product that is less expensive and intensely stronger than other alternatives? That’s just unheard of, but it’s true! It’s VinylGUARD®.


    Safe:  Superior Anti-Slip Properties

    The VinylGUARD® Ceramic particles (Ceramic Armour) act like a tire tread, so the foot does not hydroplane on dust or liquid. Offering a coefficient-of-friction, which sits within the optimal range recommended by the Veteran’s Administration. This superior floor surface is engineered to provide excellent traction, as a result of its spaced ceramic peaked surface of VinylGUARD®. The average slip and fall lawsuit costs building owners around $50,000. So why not invest now, not just to save money, but to guarantee safety.


    Easy to Care For

    Dirt and dust does not stick to the hard top-coat shield, unlike wax or polyurethane. Chairs and shoes do not scuff or scratch it’s ceramic armoured surface. Rust, chemicals and even sanitizers have little effect. VinylGUARD®treated floor care requires nothing but a micro fiber pad, floor duster or walk-behind as needed. Clean with water or a disinfectant cleanser as needed.


    Marblelife is offering you a service that is one of the best investments you can ever make for your location. It will make your life easier while you save money. There’s no downside to VinylGUARD®.


    So What Do You Do Now? 

    If you think that VinylGUARD® is something you want professionally installed into your home then simply give us a call at 888-218-4616 and we can provide you with a free estimate. Our 25 years of service in the Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and surrounding areas servicing thousands of homes and commercial locations, give us the ability to complete a quality job every single time. We are the biggest experts in the business, so you don’t have to look any further! Safety, easy maintenance, and durability are just one call away. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, today!