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    Concrete Overlay's, Polishing and Staining

    cpaaWe are EnduraCrete® certified applicators and we can mechanically polish and harden concrete to a dust proof high gloss finish without the use of topical coatings. Other companies simply diamond grind, apply a special chemical hardening agent, and polish. We have a variety of services for restoration and maintenance for all concrete surfaces, including applications such as concrete acid staining, sealing, crack chasing, joint repair, decorative overlayments and concrete power washing (water recovery) & cleaning.


    EnduraCrete® reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the the need for epoxies, urethanes, waxes and coatings of any kind. Your floor will be slip resistant, easy to maintain and environmentally safe.


    Acid Staining Concrete

    Acid staining is the perfect solution for both old and new concrete on interior and exterior surfaces. The rugged beauty of a concrete floor can be brought to life with a variety of colors and designs. Transform dull, drab concrete into a beautiful gleaming showroom floor!


    Often used for commercial purposes, concrete staining leaves a colorful, clean, attractive look to driveways, floors, countertops, patios, walkways, and various entrances. It is perfect for high-traffic areas and is very affordable.


    Decorative Concrete Overlayments

    EnduraCrete®'s decorative concrete overlay systems are designed as the ultimate cover up for unsightly, dull concrete. Overlayments add a beautiful textured vibrant finish with a variety of textures and patterns to any existing concrete surface. Change any residential or commercial concrete surface to a beautiful work of art using stamped overlayments.


    In addition, EnduraCrete®'s overlayments render the surface non-skid and are ideal for pool decks, patios, and high traffic areas.


    Concrete Power Washing

    EnduraCrete's Power Washing (Water Recovery) System reduces "Slip & Fall" liability, reduces labor, large areas can be cleaned in less time, with superior results, minimizes facility downtime and increases Health Department ratings.